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DALYBAIN is the perfect example of what you would call a bridge line.

DALYBAIN is a Design Philosophy bridging the gap between streetwear & high fashion

Based in Los Angeles, California. British designer Pauline Daly combines her classical European influences with eclectic West Coast design to create the very active Fashion Label DALYBAIN. A unique fusion of contemporary simplicity and traditional flair, DALYBAIN crafts a fresh, clean but elegant look that appeals both to the independent and the feminine sensibilities of the modern woman.

DALYBAIN's approach to the "Silhouette" is all about women's comfort and sophistication with a classic edge.
DALYBAIN's minimalistic designs take you from the board room to an art opening or a restaurant and always feel well dressed and "Trendy". 
DALYBAIN's sophisticated lines of modern fashion produce clothing that proclaims the sleek, urban essence of cosmopolitan chic.
With DALYBAIN, you can enjoy being looked out or blend in nicely with your entourage.





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A Private showing of the line is available by appointment only. 
Please contact us at (424) 259-2534 for more detail